OK. Dear friends of mine who also happen to run this blog.. you guys suck and you should fly to the moon.

Anyways, I want to start a little project. Along side with the high lights thing ive got going on, which I have failed to start I would like to add quotes, because honestly who doesn’t like reading quotes every once in a while (talking to the pile of fortune cookies i have)
and my favorite one says “Dont forget to say I love you” so see. Thats nice to read every once in a blue moon.
Job hunting isnt going along so great. But tomorrow is sunday so send applications in, call monday morning. lets see…. what else is there….
OOHHHH, my mother bought me a new laptop since my old one was fried, and I do love it AND i just figured out how to right click on it! So go me… downside though, it doesnt have a caps lock button so when i want to say something with caps i have to hold down shit and type, something my middle school teacher wasnt prepared for, considering i keep pressing a search key instead of caps lock, first world problems.
My vent also made me flip the hell out cause it made some terrifying noise so that is my que to hit the sack.
-Regan xx 🙂


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