Its been a good while since ive been on here but anyways.

So this year I have a bunch of things planned with Sky and Em.
We are all moving in together and also we are going to see one direction! And i am honestly so stroked for this. But the most important part for me this year is the fact that I want to be a better me. So I am going to make a board pinning my high lights of the year and past years and whenever I am having a bad day I can look at it and remind myself that there are still good days, and also I want to be healthy. So starting today no junk food like chips, soda, doughnuts etc. also i am cutting fast food out. Now if i can find a way to make chips in a good and healthy way I’m down but not from a machine or store.
But really guys, woo!!

-Regan xx 🙂


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