the day before today and as well as today

so yesterday consisted of my cousin waking me up with kisses and seeing my other cousin and my aunt. I havent seen my dads family in about 8 years, so it was pretty great seeing them! My cousin is just super cool and we click really well, hes like 3 years older then me and we are both the black sheep of the family, where we would just rather do things our own way and show people we are different. So yesterday we cleaned his truck in the cold but before the snow hits and then we went and did some errands and we were leaving his house and OH MY GOD, the view from my aunts house is so gorgeous. I wish i got a picture! So today my uncle and his wife came in this afternoon and my cousin Jake came over to see them and we were all sitting in the living room just sharing family stories and stuff. So then Jake and I went to go get his tires changed and headed back to his house and he dropped me off and i hung out with his sister Danni and we just messed around the house and we started a puzzle and i guess it sounds lame but it was great, it was fun just hanging out and doing stuff simple. So my aunt had got some calzones and we hung around and just talked. My uncle taught me how to cook and how you use your nose and what smells right. I burned my hair but in the end it turned out good so i cant complain. Haha (: Then Jake was taking me bad home and we had a little snow ball fight. I really missed hanging out with these guys 🙂


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