Roaaad trip.

For all of my fellow friends out there. My friends suck at posting but i enjoy it. SKY AND EM YOU GUYS SUCK. annnnyways, so I’mventuring out of a road trip with my parents to go to my grandparents for thankgiviiin. So far its been a lot of hours sitting in a car and I’ve slept have of the time but also have been reading and which I am about to finish reading “The fault in our stars”, and the next one is “The She” so. woo. We still have tomorrow and some of the day after to get there and i really did vote for flying but no one listens to the 19 year old… gosh. Buuuuut you cant win everything. Tomorrow i plan of listening to one directions new album “FOUR” for the thousandth time and some 5SOS while finishing up a drawing i started yesterday. WOO. I’m also in the same state that my crush is living for college, LOVE YOU! just kitten, but ya…
part 2 shall be up tomorrow upon sleeping…more

-Regan xx 🙂


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