Erhm. Random Entry? Haha :) (Regan)

Well lets see, today i just laid in bed today and i worked out and read and then i ate dinner, read and worked out again. my life as a 19 year old consists of reading and working out, but i really need to get a job. BUT it is hella annoying when all of my family nags about it. Like i really get it but shit, it does suck. A huge plus side of the day is that whenever i hear any One direction songs i get super pumped for the fact that I am finally going to a one direction concert (excuse my fan girling)

Currently listening to Shameless by All Time Low

Such a great band, also they have my heart! I really am itching to do a drawing but I’m not entirely sure, maybe ill find something on pinterest that will spark my interest. But its kinda late and my back hurts..because I am an old lady stuck in a 19 year old’s body!

– Regan xx 🙂


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