The fandom

Alright, today is March 25, 2015

This is going to be a day that many fans of one direction have tasted the beginning of the end. This is going to be from the
perspective of a fan girl, Me.

“Zayn Malik has quit One Direction”

Go ahead and make fun, or you dumb cheesy jokes about a boy band, but there is a side you don’t know but hopefully this is can help you see how we feel as fan girls. First of all, these boys have made it so far just by starting at the X factor to taking many tours. Lets take this back to a few years in 2010 to where they were brought together. None of the boys had made it as solo artists but were then brought together by Simon Cowell. He knew they had potential and saw a chance to see how far they could go. The 4 lads from the UK and the 1 Irish boy, they had worked their ass’ off to start preparing and working together as a band. That is were they had started building up a fandom, they won girls hearts over with their lovely voices, personality and video diaries. The video diaries had started showing us as fans that they really are normal guys who are just following their dreams, they showed us that it was ok for us to be different and quirky. As the season of the X factor was ending the boys had been eliminated, but in Zayns’ words “This isn’t the last of One Direction” From then on they may have lost the X factor but they had won the world, with their voices. From that point on their lives were no longer private, they were no longer just ordinary boys. They took what they had and made something out of them selves. Fast forward to present day, 2015. The boys are on their 4th tour and making their 5th album. These boys travel allover the world but they can never really see where they are, why? Because they get mobbed, they get their private life invaded, they live out of suitcases going back and forth. They live a stressful life, they have to worry about being watching 24/7. Recently a few pictures of Zayn and Louis have been released of them with girls who aren’t their significant others. They were in a private closed area only to still have their lives invaded. We as fans had no right to send hate to them or anything else for that fact but our support. Zayn had then said he was going back to the UK due to stress, and I had saw a tweet saying that those boys don’t know what stress is. Stress isn’t defined in a life style, nor class or anything else. They live their lives going back and forth, never spending to much time as home with loved ones, and always on the move having everything they do under a microscope. We have no right to say what is and what isn’t, for anyone. That day the fandom went crazy; twitter, facebook and instagram were blowing up, saying that he might leave and what not. Take it back a few months ago One Direction had been in Florida doing a concert and Zayn wasn’t feeling very well so he wasn’t able to make it. That day we all were like “omg, this is how it would be without Zayn, or any of the other members” It was odd seeing them with only 4 boys. Back to today, he had left because things got to crazy, he was the one who had the hardest time dealing with the fame and now that the fandom was freaking out due to those pictures it was a snapping point. There are many things going around but I am not agreeing with anything until they say something from the direct mouths. The fandom right now is freaking out because this could be the last tour they do, I would think they would do one more after this but who knows. People are sitting there telling us how were childish for being upset and for taking it harshly, but who are they to say that we are? This band has helped a lot of fans with so many things, myself included. I can say they helped me realize how I should be treated, they told me I was beautiful when no one else did, they helped me feel important. I cant talk for the other fans but I’m sure they helped them in that way and maybe more. This wasn’t just a boy band to us, they were the 5 boys from the stairs to taking on countries, to making us feel as if we were important. So judge me still after reading this because I am 20, but honestly I could care less. Because it means you haven’t found something like those boys to make us feel important and in which case i hope you do. I hope you find a band, or a book or a animal or even another person to make it feel like things get better.


One Woman’s Path to Cultural Immersion and Entrepreneurship

Follow Dem dreams 🙂

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Living abroad, especially in a country where you don’t natively speak the language, is never easy. It’s even more of a challenge if you start a company there. And that’s is exactly what Elizabeth J. Taylor did.

An avid fan of Rick Steve’s Europe (she would fight to watch it on Saturday mornings at the age of eight) Elizabeth took up French as part of her college studies. Required to go abroad for her major, Elizabeth decided to use her last semester at Vanderbilt University to intern and take classes in France.  That small taste of living and working abroad wasn’t enough though, she wanted to live in France full time and really immerse herself in the culture.

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So I have an idea, based of how i was raised and how i see things now. When I was younger, and I would go out with my mom she would judge people and say how she didn’t like their tattoos, or piercings or the way they dressed and i would go along with it, since I was a kid i didn’t really have a view on it. I grew up and started having my own thoughts about what is socially acceptable, then I started thinking what is so wrong about having your own individuality shown, even if other people don’t accept it. A year ago i got my first piercing (besides my ears), one of the reasons i got it done then was because my family (who all feel the same way about these things) were out of town for a month. My plan was get my septum done, let it heal up in time so that when my family gets home i could just flip it up and try to hide it for as long as possible. It was really late when they got home and I didn’t process the fact I had to go let them in and the first thing my mom notices is my septum ring. Oh god, she hasn’t been that upset with me in a good while. But she came to deal with it, but I could never wear it down around her and then my sister and her family said the same thing and they didn’t like it. But it was something I had that made me feel better and I just like how it added more of me. The point it, if we were to take an x-ray of something with tattoos, or heavy eyeliner or piercings (after taking them out of course) that we are all structured from the same thing. This stuff shouldn’t matter on what happens, if someone cares to judge me or other people based off of that then it is ignorant. Same thing about dogs, which i feel very strongly on bully breeds such as boxers, Boston terriers, Pit bulls and many more. If you were to take an x-ray of dogs you would see the same thing, they all are the same. Bully breeds don’t have black bones, with white dots. They are the same as any dog, its just the way that they are raised just like people, if they are brought up in a bad way, being trained to hurt others. Its sick that people can discriminate animals and people who are different.

-Regan xx


What is your zodiac sign?
I’m a libra

What are 3 fears?

Who’s my best friend?

3 things I love
-Ashton Irwin
-Niall Horan

The last song I listened to
Shake It Off – T-swizzle

My current relationship status
Single and ready to fuck guys in bands aayyee come at me

How many tattoos/ piercings do I have?
2 tattoos, many more to come, and 4 piercings, 2 on each ear

3 things that upset me
-senseless violence that can and need to be stopped immediately
-the cold

Someone I miss?
– Ashton Irwin

My favorite holiday?
4th of July

My favorite animal(s)?
Dolphins and Penguins

My pets
One baby girl Maxwell, she’s a Siamese cat

An embarrassing moment
A couple of day ago when I fell in my driveway and hurt my shoulder bad

My celebrity crush(s)?
Niall Horan, Ashton Irwin, and the rest of 5sos and 1D

Something that is currently worrying me
The terrorist attacks that have recently occurred around the world and the threats against the US

Do I smoke/drink?
I drink, never smoke

Do i like my music loud or at a reasonable level?
I love loud music, it reminds me of being at a concert and I absolutely love that feeling

First thing you notice in a new person?
…..corny, their eyes

Shoe size?

Last book I read?
Currently in the middle of After We Fell by Anna Todd

What are the initials of your crush?
BS,AI, and NH

Favorite place?
Waimanalo beach, my aunts beach house

Are/were you good at school?
I’m an average student

What’s your pet peeve?
When people pick their hang nails in front of me

Whats your favorite movie(s)?
РLes Mis̩rables
– Pretty Woman
– Pearl Harbor


OK. Dear friends of mine who also happen to run this blog.. you guys suck and you should fly to the moon.

Anyways, I want to start a little project. Along side with the high lights thing ive got going on, which I have failed to start I would like to add quotes, because honestly who doesn’t like reading quotes every once in a while (talking to the pile of fortune cookies i have)
and my favorite one says “Dont forget to say I love you” so see. Thats nice to read every once in a blue moon.
Job hunting isnt going along so great. But tomorrow is sunday so send applications in, call monday morning. lets see…. what else is there….
OOHHHH, my mother bought me a new laptop since my old one was fried, and I do love it AND i just figured out how to right click on it! So go me… downside though, it doesnt have a caps lock button so when i want to say something with caps i have to hold down shit and type, something my middle school teacher wasnt prepared for, considering i keep pressing a search key instead of caps lock, first world problems.
My vent also made me flip the hell out cause it made some terrifying noise so that is my que to hit the sack.
-Regan xx 🙂


Its been a good while since ive been on here but anyways.

So this year I have a bunch of things planned with Sky and Em.
We are all moving in together and also we are going to see one direction! And i am honestly so stroked for this. But the most important part for me this year is the fact that I want to be a better me. So I am going to make a board pinning my high lights of the year and past years and whenever I am having a bad day I can look at it and remind myself that there are still good days, and also I want to be healthy. So starting today no junk food like chips, soda, doughnuts etc. also i am cutting fast food out. Now if i can find a way to make chips in a good and healthy way I’m down but not from a machine or store.
But really guys, woo!!

-Regan xx 🙂

Alright, here’s a rant

So my Dad has been away with some job thing and basically the whole purpose of this vacation was because his head boss guy whatever wanted to talk to him. Now my mother and I were talking about it and i told her the guy is basically going to say he wants my dad back where he was before.

Let me fill you in, my dad was “called” to do this mid way in between my senior year of high school and he asked me how i felt about it and i was against it and didn’t want him to move far away because yes, I am a huge daddys girl. I grew up with him when my mom had to tend to other matters so I was with him a lot and it enjoyed it. But even though he asked for my opinion its not like he listened to me, he ended up moving and it was honestly one of the hardest things i have had to deal with. I remember when he left and how i cried for hours sitting in my bed. At the time me and my mom were not close at all, just because there were many differences to us and how we saw things.

ANYWAYS. So we went to this meeting and sure enough this guy asked to have my dad back. My mom made me promise i wasn’t going to say anything negative or make faces, so i kept my face glued to the floor, when he mentioned he wanted my dad back i tried so hard to tell myself not to cry. My dad told him if he went back down there he didn’t want to go alone, so at the end of this meeting the guy was trying to convince me and my mom the procs of us going with him. He kept telling my dad how much he wanted him there and how much he needed him. The things that were going through my head were endless; Did this guy seriously say he NEEDED my dad, no sir. My mom needs my dad not you, my dad wasn’t there for my first heartbreak, he wasn’t there to tell me he’d kick some guys ass to see me smile, he wasn’t there when me and my mom were at our wits end, he wasn’t there to hear what my mother and I had to go through. He didn’t need anything from us.

So today he asked my mom if before we go home we could drive to a different state and look and see what they thought, because they want to move, i went downstairs and they were talking about me, and my mom was saying if we move ill have nobody there, no friends or a school id want to start there and my dad was saying how i wanted to move and it was just to see. He looked at me and then they started talking about his boss and i just looked at him and i told  him i knew they were going to want him back and he told my mom he didn’t want to live there permanently so I asked him if he would do it again and he told me there is where he thinks god wants him and he might go back down there.

You know i’m just so done with having people pretending what you have to say is important when in reality they make you just want to think it is important to them, at this point… i dont know.
and my parents want to move and its my call if we like it there or not and most of me wants to move, to get away from everything i grew up into and hate with all the bad memories and the other part of me isnt sure if its sold on the idea or not. Im just lost right now.

another 25 facts to know about me! Regan

  1. What is your zodiac sign?
    I am a pisces!
  2. What are 3 fears?
    -The dark
  3. Who’s my best friend?
    Well i have 3 best friends
  4. 3 things I love
    -My family
    -My Friends
    -My dog
  5. The last song I listened to
    Voodoo Doll by 5 Seconds of Summer
  6. My current relationship status
    Single as a pringle!
  7. How many tattoos/ piercings do I have?
    I dont have any tattoos but i have 4 piercings and then my ears double pierced so a total of 8
  8. 3 things that upset me
    -When I get flashbacks of random stuff
    -When people compare me to other people
    – When people assume
  9. Someone I miss?
    – My bffe
  10. My favorite holiday?
    Thanksgiving by far!
  11. My favorite animal(s)?
    My favorite animals would have to be a zebra and a bear!(:
  12. My pets
    I have a wonderful tiny little dog…well hes kind fat but es okay. His name is Hercules and he is my sunshine!!!!
  13. An embarrassing moment
    Im not really sure… i have a lot but I cant think of any haha so ill come back to that
  14. My celebrity crush(s)?
    Calum Hood and Louis Tomlinson WOO!
  15. Something that is currently worrying me
    My grandpa isnt doing so good and I really hope that this vacation wont be the last time i see him :/
  16. Do I smoke/drink?
    Negative ghostrider
  17. Do i like my music loud or at a reasonable level?
    9/10 I like my music loud, even in my head phones
  18. First thing you notice in a new person?
    I first look at their shoes…
  19. Shoe size?
    3 in kids 😀
  20. Last book I read?
    The She
  21. What are the initials of your crush?
  22. Favorite place?
    Outside with my sketchbook listening to music
  23. Are/were you good at school?
    I actually didnt do so hot in highschool
  24. What’s your pet peeve?
    When people judge the type of music other people listen to. Reallllly pisses me off!
  25. Whats your favorite movie(s)?
    -Lilo and Stitch
    -If I Stay
    -Best of Me

the day before today and as well as today

so yesterday consisted of my cousin waking me up with kisses and seeing my other cousin and my aunt. I havent seen my dads family in about 8 years, so it was pretty great seeing them! My cousin is just super cool and we click really well, hes like 3 years older then me and we are both the black sheep of the family, where we would just rather do things our own way and show people we are different. So yesterday we cleaned his truck in the cold but before the snow hits and then we went and did some errands and we were leaving his house and OH MY GOD, the view from my aunts house is so gorgeous. I wish i got a picture! So today my uncle and his wife came in this afternoon and my cousin Jake came over to see them and we were all sitting in the living room just sharing family stories and stuff. So then Jake and I went to go get his tires changed and headed back to his house and he dropped me off and i hung out with his sister Danni and we just messed around the house and we started a puzzle and i guess it sounds lame but it was great, it was fun just hanging out and doing stuff simple. So my aunt had got some calzones and we hung around and just talked. My uncle taught me how to cook and how you use your nose and what smells right. I burned my hair but in the end it turned out good so i cant complain. Haha (: Then Jake was taking me bad home and we had a little snow ball fight. I really missed hanging out with these guys 🙂


So i did try my hardest to talk each day when we got to our hotel but my FUCKING COMPUTER kept closing the internet so i was like nope. ANWAYS. i made it to my destination and i am hella tired and what not. We ate some dinner with silver forks. buuuut yes me and Em had a great conversation and still one currently. Skys boyfriends in town which means SO SUCKS AT TEXTING. but that ok, we still love her. It’s not late here but it feels like its 12 at night. Ive finished 2 books in four days, and i have four more left which im scared to start cause i will be screwed for the trip home haha. oh well.

-Regan xx 🙂